- clean -

Both Windpark Vader Piet and Aruba support the UN’s sustainable development goals in balancing social and economic developments with nature and the environment.  As an island with abundant solar and wind, Aruba wants to work with nature in a sustainable manner, developing a circular economy while making the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.


- affordable -

By taking advantage of Aruba’s unique wind regime, modern wind turbines can produce electricity (and water) for the people of Aruba at low prices, with prices which are not subject to the world (oil) market and can be fixed for the long-term. This eliminates the exposure to oil price fluctuations and minimizes the necessity of oil price hedging and thus the oil price surcharges for the people of Aruba.

Windpark Vader Piet: an Aruban Landmark

Since 2010, Windpark Vader Piet has produced an averager of 142 GWh annually, representing approximately 15% of Aruba’s overall annual electricity demand. Technically, it is possible to multiply these numbers by adding new, more efficient wind turbines with limited additional space and in line with Aruba’s sustainable energy policy. Windpark Vader Piet is pleased to bring this unique opportunity to make even more clean and affordable energy available.

Historic Figures

Year Production Capacity (%)
2021 141813 MWh 54,0%
2020 133239 MWh 50,7%
2019 150328 MWh 57,2%
2018 160924 MWh 61,2%
2017 139034 MWh 52,9%
2016 145432 MWh 55,3%
2015 175244 MWh 66,7%
2014 161506 MWh 61,5%
2013 150811 MWh 57,4%
2012 135155 MWh 51,4%
2011 112765 MWh 42,9%
2010 106742 MWh 40,6%

Foreseeable Future

All electricity is contractually sold to WEB Aruba up to 2030.

Aruba can easily triple the  wind energy production, by adding a new comparable but more efficient line of windturbines.

Given the challenging weather conditions (wind, temperature, salt spray) it is anticipated that the current turbines must be replaced no later than 2030. Advance Planning for the repowering is absolutely critical.


Windpark Vader Piet is the proud sponsor of the very ambitious Olympic IQ Foil Team Aruba. IQ Foiling is a new discipline being introduced at the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The team, powered by the Aruban winds, hopes to bring home Aruba’s first ever Olympic medal.


This well-known Caribbean water sports event – will be organized in 2022 for the 34th time –  and attracts wind surfing athletes from all over the world who enjoy the generous winds of Aruba. Windpark Vader Piet is proud to support this event.

Construction Windpark Vader Piet

As a result of a 2008 tender a 30 MW windpark was constructed at the site of Vader Piet. After financial closure in December 2008 it took about twelve months before Windpark Vader Piet was delivering its first energy to WEB Aruba and hence to the people of Aruba.

Windpark Vader Piet consists of 10 Vestas 3MW turbines with a 90-meter rotor diameter connected to the substation in San Nicolas with a high voltage (60kV) cable. The primary contractors for the construction were: Vestas, Bohama Aruba, Croon Electrotechniek, MNO Vervat, BAM Civiel, KEMA, ABB and ABT.

Expansion plans southeast of Windpark Vader Piet

South of Windpark Vader Piet, near the eastern shore in the area of Rincon there is great potential to generate wind energy as proven by the current windfarm. In close cooperation with Vestas, Windpark Vader Piet is exploring the most optimal design for a new compact line of new ‘state of the art’ turbines which would enable Windpark Vader Piet to more than triple its output.

Windpark Vader Piet has shared these ideas with WEB Aruba and together they are now studying on the various prerequisites to realize an extension of the windfarm and subsequent repowering of Windpark Vader Piet with same kind of new wind turbine generators, which exercise is fully in line with WEB Aruba’s ambitions to source at least 50% of its energy need through renewables sources.