As sponsor of the HiWinds Aruba since 2018 Windpark Vader Piet joined with the Aruba Sailing Association to support the ambitions of their IQ Foil Team to bring a first ever Olympic medal to Aruba. After meeting the team members in person, the match with Windpark Vader Piet was very clear. All very successful and promising, the windsurfing athletes are taking up the challenge of the next level innovative IQ Foil discipline. Windpark Vader Piet is in a very similar position: being one of the best worldwide performing windfarms it wants to stay in tune with and adapt new technologies to enable Aruba to further profit from the generous winds connected to the island.

Tom de Vries

“My teammate is going to the Olympics next year 🤯
Congrats Ethan! Super happy for you. You totally deserve it! Hard work does pay off.”

1st Place Overall at Aruba Hi Winds 2018

2nd Place Overall IFCA European Championships Croatia 2018

1st Place Overall IFCA South – & Pan American  Championships Peru 2018

2nd Place Overall IFCA ABC Championships 2019

Ethan Westera

“Extremely happy not only to have won the first ever Silver medal for Aruba 🇦🇼 at the Panamericam Games 🥈 but also to have secured the country spot at the next Olympics in Paris! It’s been an incredible week for me, keeping the 1st place in the ranking of the event, but in this sport it all comes down to one single final race.”

Silver Medal Pan American Games 2023

Winner Kielerwoche 2022

IFCA Slalom World Champion 2017

PWA Youth Slalom World Champion 2016 title under 22 years of age.

PWA Fuerteventura 37th place slalom 2014

IFCA World Championship youth 4th slalom (15 years old) 2013

IFCA World Champion under 17 slalom 2012

IFCA World Champion under 15 slalom 2011

IFCA World Champion under 15 freestyle and vice World Champion under 17 in 2011

Malik Hoveling

“With three medals in the last four competitions bringing us one step closer to that goal. Starting in Brazil where I stood steady in second place until the last day where I lost a few races and got third. Then in Paraguay three weeks after brazil I sought redemption and sailed my heart out again I stood steady in first place and again on the last day I dropped to second place. And then finally, at the last competition of the season, redemption!  Absolutely no words can describe that moment and after an incredibly busy season it all hit right there on that podium.”

Third place at the South-American Championships IQ-Foil

Silver Medal at the South-American games

Gold Medal at the Santa Marta Colombia

Wind Energy Ambassadors of Aruba

Given the Northeast Tradewinds which are always there, Aruba is the place to be for all kind of sailing sport kind of activities. Being raised in the sport in Aruba will most probably bring you on the water with a sail or a kite on a board or a boat. Aruba offers one of the best opportunities for young kids to discover and further develop their sailing talents. Ethan Westera, Malik Hoveling and Tom de Vries are good examples of this Aruban school which basically is a certificate to compete at the highest level with the best of the world and very good chances to win.

The same Northeast Tradewinds enable Windpark Vader Piet to produce a substantial amount of energy. The turbines operate at a capacity level of close to 60%, meaning that of the annual 8760 available hours they operate 5000 hrs at the equivalent of full capacity. This high output easily compensates for the slightly higher investment and operating costs connected to an island situation and per definition result in a relative low price of the produced kilowatt-hours. It should be a challenge for Aruba to gain from its low renewable energy costs, certainly since the world is preparing itself for a green hydrogen kind of economy.

Program 2023 IQ Foil Team Aruba

January 23 – 28Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
February 23 – 26Pto. Sherry, Cadiz, Spain
March 3 – 6North American, Mexico
March 31 – April 8Princess Sofia, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
May 6 – 14Greece, European Championships
May 30 – June 4Hempel World Cup, Lelystad Holland
June 17 – 21Kieler Woche, Germany
July 7 – 16Test Event Marseille, France
August 10 – 20World Championships, Scheveningen, Holland
Oct 20 – Nov 5Pan AM Games, Chili